The internet and all its social media channels provides a platform for anyone to say anything, and people can claim to be experts on just about any subject – particularly health and fitness. But a little bit of knowledge can actually be a dangerous thing, as with exercise people can end up causing themselves, and others, more harm than good.

It’s great that people are motivated to research online how to get into shape and perhaps get some kind of internet “qualification”, but if they don’t have a solid grounding in health and nutrition, they could be putting people they give advice to at risk.

Yes, it’s true that there’s an enormous amount of information online – some very good, some very questionable – that can benefit those who are looking to lose some weight and get in shape, and that’s all fine. However, there’s no sidestepping the need for solid training, education and experience, especially when it concerns a person’s health.

You only have to look at social media – Facebook, Twitter and Instagram especially – to see the remarkable fitness results some people have achieved through their online research; hotly toned bodies, rippling pecs, shredded abs – you name it and it’s there. For some, their amazing results inspire them to share their experiences with others in the hope of becoming some sort of lifestyle or fitness guru. Plus, they want to show that wonderful body they’ve worked so hard for off to the online world!

The reality is that very few people are in shape today, let alone fit. Our largely sedentary lifestyle and fondness for consuming foods that may not be the best for our bodies, and lots of it, has led to severe obesity crises in countries around the world. So for many of those who are out of shape and absolutely not fit, starting out on a fitness programme should come with an abundance of caution.

The online fitness “gurus” who are not actually gurus at all, and whose collective efforts have been causing the slow death of the gym as people turn their own homes into workout areas, are not doing anyone any favours. You’re severely overweight and are about to do an intense bout of cardio to try and shed the pounds? Chances are if you go at it with gusto, you might end up not only injuring yourself but suffering a heart attack – or worse.

What all this means is that there’s really no substitute for personal training; one-on-one coaching with a fitness expert who can assess a person and work out what’s best for them to achieve their weight-loss and overall fitness goals. They do this by taking in all the key markers, such as weight, health, fitness history and others, so they can create a tailored plan that will not only get results but safeguard the person’s health.

Here at Born to Train, we have the knowledge and experience you need to safely transform yourself into a new person, giving you that incredible body you always wanted but have never quite managed to get. Talk to us about your fitness, and leave the social media crowd to the showing off.