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I have been training with Fran since 2017, he is not only a coach, but has also become a friend and confidant helping me balance my busy work and social life with my training. He has seen me through many triathlons, cycling events and marathons and I trust him fully to take me on the journey. My main focus with Fran has been Ironman and 70.3 triathlons, which is a journey and a lifestyle that encompasses more than just the physical training and he has been with me every step of the way. He helps me balance the training, nutrition and emotional aspects that go with long distance triathlon. I recently qualified for the IM World Championships in Hawaii and Fran was the first person I wanted to share this with!

Sarah Tomalewicz

Risk Advisory Director, Financial Crime

Fran has been training me for four years and has been a great source of knowledge across multiple disciplines. Whether it’s triathlons, marathons, long distance bike events, strength and conditioning training, nutrition, flexibility, boxing and martial arts, you name it, Fran will be able to help you achieve far more than you could ever do just by yourself. He’s also a coach with a very realistic approach, suggesting training schedules to work around your current commitments to get the best results. Highly recommended.
Chris Brocklehurst


2015 – Cat Macpherson, first time triathlete attempting an Ironman. 28 years old. London

I was around three months into my Ironman “training” when I first came across Fran. I was at work, in a terrible mood and injured. I had signed up for my first Ironman – oh actually I should point out it was my first triathlon of any sort – in November the previous year as sort of personal challenge. I had been following an online training schedule which was tough. Actually it was mental for a novice. For a first timer I was full of enthusiasm and convinced I would smash this training whether it half killed me or not. After a couple of months my body was broken. I was miserable and I was starting to panic. After googling “Ironman Coach London” I came across Fran and Rhys – later to be called my dream team. Fran was the coach. No wait, Fran was THE coach. We met up for a coffee and he didn’t sugar coat it for me! I was going to need to listen to him and do as he said or there was no point working together. I agreed and we started. The first few sessions, in fact the first couple of months were a VERY steep learning curve. With my background/history of eating disorders and depression I was struggling. I wanted to eat less, weigh less, train more, work harder. Fran had his work cut out getting me to take my time and be patient. Gradually though we made progress. Week by week I got stronger. Instead of crying I was smiling. I was making progress. When I panicked Fran was there. When I needed support he was on the phone. We spoke almost every day. He was my lifeline. He took all the stress and confusion away from me and simply told me what I needed to do. After a few months we were getting close to the Ironman. It was a VERY difficult time. I had been hospitalised with minor operations but I was determined to get to the start line. Fran gave me the ultimatum. Go for it now or postpone to the following year. We went for it. Fran stood by me when others would have told me it was impossible. In the days leading up to the race he was on the phone. He made time to make sure I was mentally prepared.

I completed my first full distance Ironman in Tenby, Wales on the 13th September 2015 in 16 hours and 26 minutes. Words cannot describe what that day meant to me. Words cannot describe how grateful and relieved I am, to this day, that I found Fran. Simply put – I wouldn’t have made it to the start line, let alone the finish line, without him. Ironman changed my life. Fran taught me a lot more about myself than just being able to compete in Triathlon. I am a different person as I type this. I am calm, confident and happy. I am proud of myself. I no longer berate myself for not being lighter or faster. It really is hard to describe! Simply put, working with Fran was the single best decision I made during my Ironman pursuit. He will be my friend and my coach for the rest of my training life. Thank you CF. x

Cat Macpherson

PA to Director General, Food and Drink Federation

Fran knows triathlon inside out as well as the body’s limits. His always-on advice on training, nutrition, and gear got me through two 70.3 Ironman races and a full Ironman. I would highly recommend Fran to anyone looking for guidance, motivation, and expertise to achieve their fitness goals.

Amjad Zoghbi

Co-founder and Director, Xpansion

Fran helped me to train for the Marathon des Sables this year. We worked closely together over a 6-month period and he provided a tailored training plan, hosted regular strength and conditioning sessions and provided advice on nutrition and equipment for the event. I would highly recommend Fran – he is a fantastic coach and mentor. I wouldn’t have completed the MdS without his invaluable guidance!

Sam Martin

Account Director at Darktrace

I started working with Fran nearly one year ago. My intention was to train with Fran for an Ironman. In that time a lot more happened than I ever expected. Fran helped me become a tougher, patient, more level headed, emotionally resilient and motivated person (and this work continues!). We are all capable of more than we think, physically and mentally. Sometimes we need the right person to stand by our side to tell us when to give more, give less, just chill, RELAX, recover or push like hell, again. But in the end, I know that each time I see Fran for a session—I will leave stronger than I was the moment I walked in. And this is the key lesson. It is not about the big finish line it is about reaching the finish of the daily training sessions and smiling at each one. Life is challenging and for some of the challenges we take on, like Ironman, it is imperative to have a guide to help navigate the tough choices and to work, not just hard, but smart. Triathlon is more mental than anyone expects and Fran’s kind, intelligent, motivating guidance, support and experience are a package well worth the sweat, time and money.

In the US American vernacular: Fran rocks.

I already know that this is the time I will look back on, at some distant point in the future, and I must confront a seemingly insurmountable test, I will be able to say, that was the experience that gave me the tools to handle the challenge of today. With no exaggeration–Fran changed my life.

Jennifer Randall, PhD

Senior Lecturer, Department of Health, Sport and Bioscience University of East London

I’ve had Fran as a coach since 2011. I first trained with him to race the Iron distance Outlaw. This was a little more complicated than usual because I was suffering from Chronic Kidney disease at the time. But with just 20% kidney function left, thanks to Fran’s training, I completed it.

Since this time I’ve had a kidney transplant and working with Fran I have built back up to full fitness to race IM Switzerland 70 IM Germany 70.3 and IM Austria 70.3

Having completed 10 IMs himself, I can’t think of a better coach. I particularly like the way he tailors training to your specific goal. And uses strength training to help prevent injury. On top of this, he’s a nice guy too. For anyone thinking of training for middle / long distance events, I highly recommend him.

Diccon Driver


This man is a genius with training and performance. He got me through my Ironman and Etape, and he has trained me Physically for over 7 years. I trust this man with my body and he gets results. He listens and understands the demands in my life. He won’t let me get away with anything, but he is compassionate. I highly recommend Fran “Coach” Campa to anyone serious about creating change in his or her life.
Rhys Chong

Director Physical Edge Ltd

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