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Get introduced to triathlon training and racing with Francisco Campana in the heart of one of the most vibrant London boroughs. If you’re already a seasoned triathlete, Francisco will help you to step up to the next level so you can perform to your maximum physical and mental abilities.

Weight Loss & Muscle Tone

If losing weight is your goal, training for a triathlon can be an important piece of the puzzle. While training for a triathlon doesn’t ensure success — you still need to watch what you eat and burn more calories than you take in — swimming, running and cycling are all highly effective aerobic exercises for burning calories. In addition, people who participate in triathlons generally have a more sculpted physique than runners and cyclists. While runners and cyclists have very strong legs, their upper bodies are often disproportionate in terms of muscle tone. The swimming component of triathlon training ensures that both the upper and lower body receive a balanced workout.

Reducing the risk of injury

When you stick to just one sport – running, for example – you continue to stress the same body parts, resulting in common injuries like shin splints. With triathlon training, you are pushing yourself in three different sports, which each focus on different parts of your body, taking the constant stress off of one particular area. So, with a more balanced method of fitness, you can enjoy being injury-free for longer, resulting in less pain and a stronger body.

Mental Strength & Improved Confidence

When you begin to improve your health, you also start to improve your perspective on what you can achieve and how far you can push yourself. You will begin to notice an increased level of self-confidence and a difference in the way others perceive you.

Completing a triathlon is highly impressive, so you will have to try to reign in the bragging and name-dropping in every conversion you partake in. After completing the distance of a triathlon, you should feel good about your achievements!

About Fran

Francisco has been training and racing in triathlons since 2005.

His very first race was a sprint triathlon held in Dorney Lake, London (hosting the rowing events during the London Olympics in 2012) which although he made a few mistakes was a great experience. After the race he had such an adrenaline rush that left him wanting more.

A friend of his and also fellow triathlete persuaded him to sign up for a full Ironman distance triathlon in 2006, which he did; Ironman Austria. Although Francisco registered without much hope of getting the place (as the race was already sold out of he was placed in a waiting list) he then was informed in January 2006 that he had been awarded with a place and he only had 24h to proceed with registration. Francisco’s Ironman journey began that way.

Since then he couldn’t be more grateful of a discipline that has giving him the opportunity to continue exploring and developing his fitness and mental limits.

Years Experience

Time IronMan Finisher

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